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Our clients often provide us feedback and opinions about their experience with us; below are some of the recent examples.

Mrs C.

Driffield, East Yorkshire

"I have been wanting to make sure my bungalow and other valuables, that me and my late husband has worked hard for all our lives, goes to the people who I wanted it to go to.


After the professional service provided by YLM, I cannot recommend them enough; a consultant sat with me in the comfort of my own home and explained to me in detail, where my concerns were. The meeting was informative and I was put into the position where I could make an informed decision on where I want my legacy to go.


I have been worried about this for such a long time, I didn't even dare to tell my own children, afraid the thought would upset them and this has taken a massive weight off my shoulders."

Mrs R.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire

"Having experienced the horror of dealing with my mother's affairs first hand, it's something I would never want my daughter to have to go through. The lack of control I felt when she was placed in care, the expenses associated with it and the long winded process before I was able to do anything for her; just made it feel as though I wasn't her daughter, but just a stranger.


I can't thank YLM enough for introducing to me the ways which I can prevent the same thing from happening to my daughter, the burden I had to bear was unnecessary. Had my mother and I knew at the time, I'm certain we would have done things very differently."

Mr and Mrs W.

Groby, Leicestershire

"The information provided was given professionally and in a language we could understand, we didn't feel feel rushed into a decision and any queries we had were answered straight away."

Mr H.

Preston Grange, Tyne and Wear

"I couldn't believe how something I thought was so complicated be made so simple, we addressed all my concerns in only a couple of meetings, where everything was made clear to me and a plan drawn up to how we would take it from there! Thank you Your Legacy Matters."

Mr and Mrs P.

Langley, Cheshire

"We have been talking about making our wills and funeral arrangements for many years, but we had no idea where to even start looking, we were introduced to Your Legacy Matters through a friend who has also dealt with them. We were a bit skeptical at first as we have always been a cautious family, but the consultant who came to see us was friendly, informative and patient, taking time to address every question we had which not only did it shine a light on the topic, but also made us feel very confident with our decisions.


We will definitely be passing our experience on to others as well!"

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